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Welcome to Bexhill Pc Repair

Your local Pc repair specialist in Bexhill - Hastings - Battle - Eastbourne
working with home-users and businesses on all aspects of PC maintenance, repair and tuition.
We provide a cost effective in home / Business solution for:

Welcome to Bexhill Pc Repair
  • Broadband Setup an Fault Diagnostics

  • Pc Health Checks

  • Virus Removal

  • Adware Removal

  • Hardware Repairs

  • Replacement Laptop Screens

  • Data Recovery

  • Remote Repairs

  • Networking Wireless and Wired

  • Home Streaming

  • Consultation

  • Tuition

  • Pc Builds

Pc Healthcheck Book Now on 01424 736262 or 07912875796
Servicing our cars is something we all remember to do every year to make sure they are running to the best of their ability. But did you know that you should also regularly service your computer?
Like with cars, servicing our computers makes them a lot safer and much more reliable. Having a service means that faults will come to light at an earlier stage and your computer is therefore less likely to result in a breakdown. Our aim is to save you money in the long run.
Not only will our Health Check service improve the performance of your PC or laptop, it will also improve the security of your data, removing any viruses currently infecting your computer and ensuring you have up to date anti-virus software to help defend against any future vulnerabilities.
Our comprehensive fixed price Computer Health Check consists of the following:

  • Finding and fixing the problems that are making your PC or laptop run slowly

  • Removing all viruses, spyware and malicious software

  • Assessing whether your PC has up-to-date security software and providing a free security package if needed

  • Deactivating unnecessary start-up software to improve the performance of your PC

  • Ensuring that system update settings are at the optimum level

  • De-fragmenting your hard drive and checking your hard drive for errors

  • Clearing all temporary files, log files and cached files

  • Ensuring your computer is brought up to date with software updates

  • Providing advice on any upgrades required

  • Cleaning your computer to remove any debris, including the fans and vents to prevent over-        . heating

        We can also help you to set up free software to help block internet content that is not appropriate for your children, if required

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